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Herd Time

Available on Tablet & Phone
Accurate and effortless attendance taking never felt this good.

Access to Multiple Locations Altogether

No matter the size of your business, we got you covered. Employees are categorise by their work location for easy sourcing and fast attendance capturing. Easily switch between multiple locations to manage your employees and streamline processes.

GPS Enabled Attendance Taking

Cut costs, enhance accountability and productivity among employees. Now, employees can get to their work location faster and complete their job on a timelier manner. Plus, gain access to employees’ attendance records via their 24 hours’ log, including missing clock in and out are always within your sight.

Got Your Back with Offline Mode

No internet connection! Work gets delayed. Nope, not happening here. Now employees can take attendance without an internet connection. Let us do the work as the app auto-sync itself once it gets connected.

Take your people with you.
Available on both iOS and Android devices.

Herd Manage

Available on Phone

Work from anywhere you are and take care of your people altogether.

Active Monitoring & Coordination of Manpower

Have your employees reported to work? Are they at the right location? Is staffing sufficient? Who is available for replacement? These are day-to-day questions managers concerned themselves with. Fret not! Now you can keep track of your employees, stay in the loop of their work activities and make immediate decisions – anytime, anywhere.

Speed Up Processes

What’s stopping you and your employees from getting work done proficiently? Was it the late submission of timesheets or delayed process of approving leave? If so, you’re going to love what we have in place for you! Managers can take action anytime and make immediate decisions in a matter of seconds. You heard us. Seconds.

Connect & Communicate

The key in getting work done efficiently lies in the way we communicate and give instructions to employees. As managers, you can’t afford to lose time and let undesirable situations hold you back anymore. No matter what you need, get in touch with your employees instantly whenever you need to, directly from the app!

Take your people with you.
Available on both iOS and Android devices.

Herd ME

Available on Phone

An app that tracks your work days, take care of your HR needs and the coolest part?

It revolves around you!

Immediate Access to What You Need

Am I working today? What time is my shift? What’s my remaining leave balance? Where’re all the answers when you need them? Right here. Stay updated and never miss any important information that matters to you. Apply leave in seconds, receive instant notifications, view your work schedule and better plan your off days!

Boost Employee Efficiency & Engagement

Too much information can cause inconvenience and get chaotic, if not managed wisely – leaving employees overwhelmed. The availability, timeliness and accuracy of information is the golden rule for employee efficiency and engagement levels. No doubt – good help is hard to find. That’s why we exist. Experience what it’s like when everything is in place, whenever you need them, right here before you. Because now, you can.

Speak to Employees with Push Notifications

To keep employees involved and focused, they need accessibility and availability to their work information on a 24/7 basis. This helps them stay informed of important information relevant to them, which improves overall communication in teams. As humans, we forget things. We need constant reminders. Our push notifications ensure employees are never off track, empowering them to be productive on-the-go.

Take your people with you. Available on both iOS and Android devices.

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