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What Is HerdHR?

Herd is an integrated cloud-based solution that empowers business owners like you to accomplish more. A SaaS that’s more than your typical “Human Resource Software”.

We provide a solution for businesses to alleviate their pain points in day-to-day HR administrative tasks from attendance tracking, payroll processing, rostering schedules, leave administration, CPF, IRAS and more are now simplified and enhanced to remove every day pain points and endless manual HR tasks for the way you work.

Human Capital System for both recruiting and talent management are also something we’re excited about. We help your business become more automated and in every way connected with your employees in the HRMS process – the way HR should be.

How Did We Get Started

What’s the real story?

You’re probably reading this because you’re familiar with how the HR industry works or you’re just really interested in us. Companies spend most of their time working on mundane tasks of manual data entry. Some even have software for attendance or payroll yet they don’t know how to make full use of it. They find themselves unable to catch up with their employees and solve day-to-day pain points. They lack workforce visibility and more importantly – systems integration.

We knew that this isn’t what HR was meant to achieve. We wanted HR to be powerful, intuitive and capable of creating a workforce that’s independent.

Our co-founders are thought leaders in recruitment, software development and finance. Our team consists of IT experts, creative minds and passionate souls who set out everyday to make every minute count in creating software that actually makes a difference.

Seriously – what’s an even better way to combine our super forces and set out to create Herd?

And here we are. Herd is everything you need in a HRMS solution on both web and mobile that is secure and above all – easy to use.

Why We Do
What We Do

HR is overwhelming. Everyday is a challenge. We know challenges can be real tough. That’s why we want to provide a solution that addresses your needs, once and for all. And duh, we love building our HerdHR system. It makes us happy knowing we can help you and your employees benefit and succeed as a whole. However, what really drives us forward is how we are improving and bettering the lives of our clients every day.

…… So What’s Next?

We pride ourselves as a company that develop software products desired that addresses the pain points of your business. Our biggest asset is our ability as a team to constantly adapt and ask ourselves, “Are what we doing today, improving the lives of our clients’ tomorrow?”

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